Power Distribution Box

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Power Distribution Box








The XL series low-voltage power distribution and control box produced by CLP meets the international and domestic standards such as iec60349, GB7251, etc. The installation and connection of the system shall comply with iec60364 standard.      XL series low-voltage power distribution and control box is designed with standard model, with compact structure and strong versatility. The width, height and depth of the box can be expanded arbitrarily according to the standard number (E = 25mm).      XL series low-voltage power distribution and control box adopts all metal shell. The cabinet door can be metal door or glass door, and the opening angle can reach 180 °; The installation mode of the box is floor box and hanging box. The hanging box is made of 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, while the floor box is made of 1.5mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate. The box body is divided into assembled type or welded type. The color of the case is ral7035 light gray, and the internal electrical mounting plate is ral2000 yellow orange. With the metal door lock and hinge, as well as the unique logo design, the overall color matching is elegant and beautiful.      The protection grade of XL series low voltage power distribution and control box is ip30-ip54. The pursuit of innovation and perfection is the commitment and mission of CLP to customers. XL series low-voltage power distribution and control box is the improvement and supplement based on the low-voltage electrical products (terminal distribution box, three box distribution box, power distribution box, turtle switch box) of CLP. This enables CLP to have a complete product chain of low-voltage distribution box products, and fully covers the demand of various industries for distribution box.




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