CES epoxy pouring waterproof bus duct

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CES epoxy pouring waterproof bus duct






Characteristics 1      fire prevention   The fire resistance limit time and other performances are reliable and stable, which can be used in the occasions with high fire safety requirements. 2、   The high degree of protection of waterproof IP68 can be used in outdoor cable trench and other harsh environment. 3、   Anticorrosion can effectively prevent electrochemical corrosion and can be used in high corrosive environment for a long time.         4、   The explosion-proof epoxy resin casting shell can be used in various hazardous environments. Other features: 1. Functional units can be made; 2. High mechanical strength; 3. High short circuit strength; 4. Strong overload capacity; 5. Strong applicability; 6. Easy installation; 7. Lifetime maintenance free application range   CES epoxy resin fully enclosed cast bus is designed with 0.4-35kv voltage system, rated current from 400A to 5000A, and protection grade up to IP68. It is a new generation of power transmission and distribution system in the field of power distribution. CES fully enclosed cast bus can be applied to all kinds of harsh and clean environment, and is widely used in shipbuilding, power plant, petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, mechanical and electronic, large buildings and other places. Bus duct sample book.pdf

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