Do you know the seven structural characteristics of dry type transformer

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Seven structural features of dry type transformer  

          1. It is safe, fireproof and pollution-free, and can run directly in the load center;             2. It adopts domestic advanced technology with high mechanical strength, strong short circuit resistance, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability and long service life;             3. Low loss, low noise, obvious energy saving effect, maintenance free;             4. Good heat dissipation performance and strong overload capacity, which can improve capacity operation when forced air cooling;             5. Good moisture-proof performance, suitable for operation in high humidity and other harsh environment;             6. Dry type transformer can be equipped with perfect temperature detection and protection system. It adopts intelligent signal temperature control system, which can automatically detect and display the working temperature of three-phase winding, automatically start and stop the fan, and has alarm, trip and other functions;             7. Small size, light weight, less space and low installation cost.


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