Cec-ii copper bus

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Cec-ii copper bus







Cec-ii bus duct is an aluminum alloy shell developed by China Electric Group (Jiangsu) Bus Co., Ltd., which adopts the latest design and has better overall performance. There are two options of integral grounding and independent ground wire, which are stable and reliable, high distribution efficiency, good heat dissipation, low voltage and so on. ■   Lightweight aluminum alloy shell   The shell is composed of aluminum alloy profiles and electrical grade aluminum materials, with high mechanical strength, light weight and good corrosion resistance. The shell has passed 1000 hours of salt spray test.   Zigzag heat sink design greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of bus duct system.   Aluminum shell of electrical grade can be used as integral grounding wire with more than 50% equivalent grounding capacity. The whole grounding has passed the test and approval of the third party (3C certification body).   ■   Optimized structural design   Simple structure design greatly reduces the weight of the product. Product reliability has been improved.   Full length dense structure, including plug-in interface. The bus has uniform heat dissipation and no bottleneck of temperature rise.   Typical  “ Sandwich structure, conductor closely arranged, full-length dense, no internal gap, no "chimney effect", to ensure that the bus system carrying current is not affected by the installation mode and location.   Advanced conductor processing technology   High speed sawing and high-precision sawing with imported sawing machine, smooth incision without burr, smooth cross-section, closer contact between conductor and connector, overall electroplating of conductor, more stable performance.   Electroplating process: aluminum bar is tinned after copper plating, copper bar is tinned.   Reliable insulating materials   The conductor insulation is covered with safe and environmental protection high-quality polyester film. The insulation material has excellent mechanical properties and good electrical insulation performance, good heat resistance (temperature resistance grade reaches 130 ℃), and the flame retardant performance meets the requirements of UL94 standard.   The bus bar shall be covered with double-layer polyester film and at least 4 layers between phases to ensure the insulation reliability.   Higher assembly efficiency   The bus duct production line adopts German self piercing riveting technology, and the assembly efficiency and quality reach the domestic leading level.   Safe and reliable plug box   The plug-in interface is equipped with a plug-in base plate and a cover plate to improve the protection level of the plug-in parts.   The safety interlock mechanism of the plug-in box can prevent the plug-in box from being opened accidentally, and ensure the safety of power consumption. The highest protection level of the plug-in box reaches IP54.   ■ quick connector   Split type connector, solid stud bolt, equipped with bowl shaped manganese steel washer to ensure uniform force on the contact surface.   The installation is more convenient and fast, only a common wrench is needed to be firm. When the correct torque value is reached, the red sign will fall off with the front half of the stud head, and the firm torque can be determined to meet the requirements (the standard tightening torque of the stud is 66 ± 5N•M)   The cross section of the conductor in the connector is increased, and it contacts with the bus conductor on both sides, which improves the current carrying capacity of the connection part.   Unique temperature rise patch makes the bus duct system in operation state clear at a glance.   The anti misphase device can effectively eliminate the installation hidden trouble caused by human factors.    More flexible configuration   For different customers, CEC bus duct system provides products with different protection levels to meet the requirements. The standard protection levels include IP40, ip42, IP54 and IP65.   Overall dimension   The overall dimension mainly depends on the rated current and conductor material of the bus duct system. Cec-ii bus duct system is divided into 15 current levels.


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