Zpsg dry type rectifier variable frequency transformer

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Zpsg dry type rectifier variable frequency transformer






Product category: Product Center dry type transformer series product description: protect motor energy saving and efficiency, novel, changeable and harmonious; Good heat dissipation performance and strong overload capacity; Energy saving and environmental protection. Dry type rectifier frequency conversion transformer room is a special device to provide multi-phase rectifier power supply for medium and high voltage inverter. The product is mainly used in power plant boiler fan, water supply system and metallurgical, chemical industry and municipal engineering automation control system. Our company applies mature technology, fully considers various types of medium and high voltage inverter, and carefully develops zpsg Nomex insulated dry-type rectifier inverter transformer. Products include 9-phase, 12 phase, 18 phase and 27 phase self cooling and air-cooled rectifier frequency transformer. This type of transformer is characterized by small volume, strong overload capacity, small partial discharge, strong short circuit resistance, flame retardant, low noise and 40% energy saving. Technical innovation points: 1. The extended triangle connection method is adopted in the secondary side to reduce the harmonic component of the input current; 2. Domestic earlier through the National Transformer Quality Supervision and inspection center testing manufacturers; 3. At present, domestic manufacturers produce large capacity variable frequency transformers; 4. The secondary side is phase shifted, and the lead wire adopts layered structure, which has beautiful appearance.

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